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Expanding Delivery Area of The Plastic Freegan

The last month has been really good for The Plastic Freegan. I have been running this small business since bank holiday weekend August 2020 having launched mid-pandemic, and it has been such a rollercoaster! There have been ups, every new subscriber is an up moment, so was the Cornwall Live article, and there have been downs, like the huge effort, time and investment that went into attending the Christmas markets which didn't go quite to plan! But, at the minute, I am feeling particularly passionate about my sustainable business, I feel inspired by my customers who give me such lovely feedback and support, and I feel invigorated to expand the delivery area we cover. I feel more in touch with the reasons I started this business in the first place: helping people to be more sustainable without the fuss. 

At the minute, I only cover TR10 and TR11 postcodes, which is really just Falmouth and Penryn plus a few villages on the outer edges. That's a small area! It means that most people that follow The Plastic Freegan on social media live outside our catchment. I have spoken about going nationwide, shipping recipe kits all over the country with DPD or Royal Mail, but there are so many challenges to overcome before that's even remotely possible. The main challenge being keeping ingredients safe, fresh and un-battered during the shipping process without plastic. Plus the challenge of shipping wet ingredients without the compostable pots I currently use which wouldn't survive a brutal journey in the back of a courier's van. I realised, if I can cover more areas of Cornwall with my current packaging style, which I would describe as gently packed paper bags of delicate vegetables and loose ingredients with very minimal materials, which is only possible because I hand deliver the recipe kits myself so I can guarantee that they arrive at customers door at the high standard I require! I can guarantee that veg don't get bruised, I can guarantee that bags of grains don't burst open, I can guarantee that pots of sauce don't get tipped over and leak, because I personally delivery them with care. If I start shipping nationally, I would be nervous about how my recipe kits might arrive at the door step!

So now I am thinking, let's not expand to national just yet, because the challenges to overcome are too high for me to tackle for now. So to focus on postcodes in Cornwall is my new plan. Expand to cover neighbouring postcodes like TR13 to cover Helston and Porthleven, or TR1 to cater to Truro and the surrounding villages, or expand further to the north coast and cater to Newquay, Perranporth perhaps, where the surfer culture means people are connected to the sea and see the plastic problem with their own eyes.

I would LOVE to know where you live and whether you would want to subscribe should we cater to that area. It's a big decision for me to take the plunge and move outside the comfort area of my current delivery catchment but if I know there are people out there, in other parts of Cornwall, just waiting for me to expand, then I would love to know about it so I can thoughtfully consider where to cater to first! Do get in touch if you want to subscribe from a different Cornish postcode, I want to hear about it!

Email me at hello@theplasticfreegan.co.uk with any thoughts you have!

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