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Planning Summery Recipes for May & June

What makes a recipe summery? Is it a particular flavour? A type of dish? Or is it more about the presentation? All i know for sure is that potato stew and pumpkin soups that have featured in previous recipe kits are probably not what people look for in recipe kits during the summer months. 

Since starting The Plastic Freegan on bank holiday weekend in August 2020, I have been planning hearty autumnal and wintry recipes for my customers. But now, for the first time, I am starting to plan recipes that will be eaten in (hopefully) warm weather! 

The first thing that comes to mind when I think summer dinner ideas is salad. It's light, summery, you can include raw veggies and fruit in salads which always feels very healthy and refreshing which is nice when the weather is hot! Only problem is, getting salad, lettuce, spinach, leaves in general, with no plastic is actually quite tricky!? 

To get plastic free salad and lettuce you need to know what you are doing and where to shop. You can, if you are eagle eyed, find salad bags at some health food shops or farm shops that are compostable, but that is really hard to spot, you will end up searching bag after bag for the rest of your life expecting to find the compostable label on there! The best bet, unfortunately, is to just wait until salad is in season, which is starting about now, and head to a plastic free shop or a farmers market armed with your own paper or canvas bags and buy it loose. 

Given that salad and lettuce is only just in season now, it's quite hard for me to recipe test salads when the key ingredient is still quite hard to get your hands on! So I have been thinking outside the salady box for summery recipe ideas. 

Dishes that are summery but don't require leaves could include paella, summer veg risottos, salads made of other ingredients like potatoes, pasta, rice or grains like quinoa, then there's the potential for BBQ food!

So I am working hard to come up with seasonal ideas in spring, that will suit your taste buds come summer, with or without access to lettuce!

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