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Hey Students! Don't forget to use student discount FALEXE at checkout!
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Our Story

A few years ago, a plastic free shop opened in my town. Having watched Blue Planet and a whole host of other documentaries that had opened my eyes to the plastic problem I was relieved to begin shopping for the essentials at this new store.

Then I got an office job. It was here that I made friends with people from a range of backgrounds who had different strains, pressures and priorities than I did. I would tell them all about the plastic free shops, and how easy it was to go without plastic. Everyone would remark how exciting it was that these shops existed, how futuristic it all was... But no one ever came with me to the zero waste shops even though they were so interested.

Then I realised, the barrier for entry into the world of veganism, zero waste and sustainable living is just too far out of reach for anyone who is busy juggling a family, long or unusual working hours, or 1000 other priorities. How can I, someone who is lucky enough to have the time and freedom to commit to sustainability, make it easier for my friends, family, colleagues, to engage with?

The hardest bit about eating vegan is the research; what products are out there, where can I buy vegan alternatives, where do I find vegan recipes, what do vegans even eat? And the hardest bit about going plastic free is finding the time to shop at zero waste shops and coming up with meals that don’t rely on items that are often, or always, plastic wrapped in mainstream supermarkets!

So, I came up with a solution to take away those two difficulties by providing delicious vegan recipes that are easy to create at home every week, and assembling the ingredients plastic free for you from zero waste shops, bulk stores, and grocers, to deliver sustainable living right to your door step.