Subscriptions Now Available!
Subscriptions Now Available!
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Subscription to The Plastic Freegan
Subscription to The Plastic Freegan
The Plastic Freegan

Subscription to The Plastic Freegan

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Looking for delicious plastic-free and vegan meals delivered to your door every week with no fuss? Then you've come to the right place!

And you’ve come at the right time too! All new subscribers in October will receive a full sized bar of vegan chocolate with their first recipe kit! 

You can easily cut down your impact on the environment by subscribing today to make three meals a week as green as possible. Pre-measured ingredients packaged with zero plastic, accompanied by easy to follow recipes makes a sustainable lifestyle fun and simple.

Every week The Plastic Freegan has a new menu of amazing meals to make at home and by subscribing you will receive a kit to make three meals that serve two every Monday. 

The meals will be the same as those listed individually on this site each week, so there's no missing out on the best dishes! And by subscribing to the newsletter you can be updated each week about next Monday's menu. 

By subscribing you will save 10% on each kit compared to buying them individually every week.

This product is ONLY for delivery to TR10 and TR11 postcodes. Please do not order if you live outside this area as your service will have to be canceled. 

The pictures seen here are just a few examples of the kinds of meals you can look forward to when you subscribe, and follow @theplasticfreegan on Instagram and Facebook for more updates on what is upcoming next Monday.

Billed Saturday and delivered weekly on Monday.